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    Take it easy

    Sit back and take it easy when you spread the payments for your website over twelve months, with no interest rates for doing so.

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    The Bronze Package

    Designed with the small business in mind. We are sure you will find this package cost effective.

    £30 a month for 12 months (£360).

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    The Silver Package

    Designed with the medium to large business in mind.

    There is no set fee for a bespoke website, as client's needs vary. However a simple 5-8 page website like ours consisting of a front page with all the other pages in the same format, will cost in the region of:-

    £105 a month for 12 months (£1,260).

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    The Gold Package

    Designed with the large business in mind.

    This package can involve finance and accounting systems integration to direct debit systems.

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Media Cymru

are a web design and systems studio based in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales. Over the last fifteen years we have built a reputation for web design and systems that’s attractive and easy to use.

We aren’t bling, we aren’t a franchise and we don’t call ourselves “boutique”, which is normally bad news for your budget.

We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and make a good impression.

Facebook Fans Are a Good Return on Investment

For the 12 weeks ending June 18, Hitwise found that among the retail brands most actively marketing on Facebook, consumers were as much as 54 percent more likely to search for those firms online after a visit to Facebook than they normally would be on Google, Yahoo! or Bing. CIO

We are testing WordPress 3.2 Release Candidate 2

The second release candidate for WordPress 3.2 is now available and we are testing it now offline naturally.

we are building 2 new Plugins for shoping and card payment collection and hope to have them designed for the latest release and be backward compatible back to V3.

Stock and Comodities Module

we are curently developing a stock and comodities data retreval module for our own framework and will also port it to a WP Plugin this should be ready for release in August
BT Echo Sign Integration
We are on a project that involves online signatures and have decided to use BT's echo Sign, the project involves creation completion and then full legal signature of a signup form